How to Find Jobs in Thailand

A recent focus group study conducted by jobsDB in six Asian markets helped them better understand the needs and preferences of Asian jobseekers. Based on the results, a recent survey by the Asian Consumer Market Survey found that 35 per cent of Thai respondents said they were actively looking for jobs while 48 per cent were exploring but would still apply if the right opportunity came along. In addition to job seekers, employers can also post job openings on Jobseeker to find the best fit for their company.

If a jobseeker is denied a job offer, the licensee must comply with section 39. If the licensee acts in accordance with this section, it may request compensation from the Fund for all expenses incurred by the jobseeker. The provisions of section 41 also apply to non-travelling jobseekers. The Central Employment Registration Office accepts money for necessary expenses. This amount is deducted from the licensee’s deposited security.

The licensee of the overseas employment arrangement is not responsible for arranging travel to and from the country of the foreign employer. However, it must act in accordance with section 39(2). The licensee must follow the rules for ensuring the rights of jobseekers in overseas employment. If a jobseeker wishes to return to Thailand after a period of time, he/she must notify the licensee of the transfer. However, the licensee may make arrangements for a job back in Thailand.

The licensee must try to find a job for the jobseeker, and must also offer benefits according to the employment contract. However, if a job is not available, the licensee can apply for an extension of the license period. If this request is approved, the licensee will have to provide compensation from the Fund to the jobseeker. This can take up to 30 days. If the licensee is unable to find a job within the given period, the licensee must make every effort to ensure the jobseeker gets a job.

After obtaining a job, the jobseeker may request benefits from the Fund. However, he/she must remit money to the Fund at the rate prescribed by the Ministerial Regulations. If a jobseeker is employed in another country, he/she may still claim benefits under section 53. This is only a temporary situation and the applicant must be able to return home in time. The jobseeker may be employed in another country for five years.

งานวันนี้ เชียงราย are meant to help people with a difficult time finding a job. While the JobSeeker Payment is intended to simplify the income support system, it still retains incentives for people to make independent decisions. It is available to people who are unemployed and seeking work, or who are temporarily unable to work or study because of a disability or other reason. Likewise, it is available to people bereaved by the death of a spouse or partner. The job seeker’s allowance has a fact sheet that provides additional information on the various payments. Further information on the program can be obtained by contacting the JobSeeker’s Allowance Centre.