Sell Your Car Online: Step 3, Using the Right Information to Help Sell Your Automobile

Sell Your Car Online: Step 3, Using the Right Information to Help Sell Your Automobile

Posting your automobile for sale online is a great way to attract potential buyers. In step 2 of this series, titled “Sell Your Car Online: Step 2, Using Pictures of Your Automobile Correctly “, you learned how to select the right pictures of your vehicle for display in the classified ad.

The third step in placing an ad is selecting what information you want to use in your listing. Most auto classified web sites have information fields that are either checkboxes or blank textboxes for short answers. Here’s the danger. If you don’t give enough information, you may lose potential buyers. They may think that the missing information is an attempt to hide what’s wrong with your car or truck. The solution is to answer ALL information fields that are applicable to your vehicle.

So, what type of information do you display with your listing? The most important information that must be included in your listing is: make, model, year, mileage, engine type, and transmission type. When searching for a car or truck to buy, especially a used car or truck, this is the information that the potential buyer must know before taking the next step, contacting the seller. This information will determine whether the buyer is even interested in the vehicle to begin with.

Secondary information which should be included in your listing is: body style, drive train, and VIN number. You should always include the body style (2dr, 4dr, SUV, truck, etc.) and drive train (FWD, RWD, 4WD, etc.) in your listings. It is a great idea to also include the VIN number. A growing percentage of buyers and dealers are using to gain information about vehicles. If the buyer is serious about purchasing your car, he/she can research the VIN number through without the added inconvenience of calling you first.

Next in the line of important information are the accessories or options your vehicle has. This is the information that can separate your vehicle from the rest of the pack. List all the options your vehicle has. Whether it has power windows, CD player, ABS brakes, DVD player, or a power sun roof, the buyer needs to know the accessories or options on your vehicle. List them all. Even if the classified ad system you use doesn’t list the accessories in a selectable list, include them in the description field.

You must not forget to include your contact information. List your address as well as your phone number. If the buyer is interested in your vehicle, he/she could call or drop by for a test drive if close enough.

As a summary, you should include the following in your classified ad (listed in order of importance):
– Contact address and phone number
– Make
– Model
– Year
– Mileage
– Engine type
– Transmission type
– Body style
– Drive train
– VIN number
– Accessories or options

There’s no such thing as listing too much information about your vehicle, so type away and tell as much about your car or truck as possible. The worst thing that can happen is that the potential buyer will spend more time viewing your listing and less time viewing someone else’s listing. Isn’t that what you want?

Choosing the right information for your classified ad can set your automobile apart from the rest of the pack, at least in the buyer’s mind. Look for the next installment titled “Sell Your Car Online: Step 4, Writing a Compelling Description of Your Automobile.“ Happy selling.

What To Do With Your Automobile VIN Number History

What To Do With Your Automobile VIN Number History

Did you know that the VIN number to your automobile is more than just a series of numbers used for identification? In fact, the VIN number of your car can actually reveal to you the history of your vehicle. How can this be so? With a VIN number, you can find out who owned you are car in the past, whether or not the vehicle has been in any accidents and more. In fact, the VIN number is often used from car dealers that travel from home to automobile auctions to determine whether or not a vehicle is worth bidding on before they travel to the auction and place their bids.

Much like a strand of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the VIN number of your vehicle is an identification number like no other—the VIN number of your vehicle relates solely to the vehicle you have purchased or you plan on purchasing and no other vehicle in the world has the same VIN number as the one your car possesses. In fact, there is even a decoding process when it comes to VIN numbers—a VIN number can be decoded by breaking down the various combinations of letters and numbers—all which have a significant meaning. For example, one number will denote the country that the car was built in, another number will denote the manufacturer, and certain numbers even denote the cars features.

Conversely, the VIN number can also provide you with information about odometer readings; whether or not the car has ever been stolen; if the car has experienced flood damage; and whether or not there have been recalls on parts associated with the vehicle. You can also find out if there is or ever was a lien on the car’s title, if it had ever been repossessed, and if it suffered major damage in the past. So, what does all this information mean to you? Basically, consider it fuel for a positive purchase when you are buying a car—the more you know about the vehicle, the better decision you will be able to make when buying it. Conversely, if you already own the vehicle, knowing the car’s history is vital in giving the car the proper maintenance it needs. Also, you may be able to foresee problems in the future that originate from past issues with the vehicle.

In the end, you should visit a website that allows you to check on the VIN number of any vehicle. In fact, some sites let you run a free VIN number check so that you can test out there services. Using your preferred search engine, you can easily locate a VIN Number checking website. You will find such services well worth the visit.

Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy

With the high gas prices which are readily seen on the market today, individuals who are looking to purchase a new car are perusing the options with fuel efficiency in mind. Prospective car buyers want to purchase a vehicle which really peaks their interest and is one which they truly desire; however, these prospective automobile purchasers may in fact be swayed should the vehicle which they are considering purchasing have inefficient fuel economy. There are a few different reasons why fuel economy is so important to car owners these days.
High Price of Gas
Recently, an alarming phenomenon has been taking place. In the last few months, gas prices have been increasing at staggering rates which has led to individuals rethinking their automobile purchase choices. For those people who are currently in the market for a new vehicle, the high price of gas that has recently been seen has pushed them to consider other, more fuel-efficient automobiles. As one never knows when gas prices will decrease, thinking in terms of purchasing a fuel-efficient vehicle may be on the forefront of a number of individual’s minds. The high price of gasoline is an important factor which individuals consider when purchasing a new vehicle or even trading in their old car for a more recent model.
Environmental Factors
Another reason why prospective car buyers may be looking into the purchase of a more fuel-efficient vehicle is due to the environmental ramifications that go along with certain gas guzzling automobiles. The less gas a car uses, the more environmentally friendly that vehicle is. There are a number of different types of pollution which are directly related to automobile use. Therefore, more and more individuals are looking into hybrid vehicles which utilize both electric and gas fuel components to make the car run and are more environmentally sound overall.
Having to Fill Up With Gas Less Often
How many times has one tried to take their vehicle as far as it could go on a single tank of gas so as to avoid having to stop at a gas station to fill up? Most likely the answer is quite frequently. Although filling the car up with a tank of gas does not take a long time to do, it is still an inconvenience to some individuals, especially those who are often running late for one appointment or another. Therefore, by purchasing a vehicle with good fuel economy, the driver will have to stop less often to fill up their gas tank and this in and of itself is something which pleases many individuals immensely.
Most Fuel-Efficient Cars in 2005
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) often compiles lists showing the vehicles with the best fuel economy based on a fuel efficiency gauge for both city and highway travel and are shown in a city/highway ratio. The EPA files these types of lists as fuel economy is quite relevant to pollution and other environmental factors. The following paragraphs will summarize the top 10 list of the most fuel-efficient vehicles which was compiled by the EPA for 2005.
The vehicles ranking in the number 10 spot of the EPA list are the Dodge Neon and Toyota Celica GT which both get 29/36 mpg. Those vehicles ranked in the number 9 slot are the Scion xB (31/35), Toyota Matrix (30/36), Pontiac Vibe (30/36) and Honda Accord Hybrid (30/37). Rounding up the number 8, 7, and 6 slots, respectively, are the Scion xA (32/37), Toyota Corolla (32/41), and Toyota Echo (35/42).
The top 5 most fuel-efficient automobiles contain quite a few from the same car manufacturer with the Honda Civic HX (36/44) coming in at 5 th place and three various types of Volkswagens, Volkswagen New Beetle TDI, Volkswagen Jetta TDI and Volkswagen Golf TDI, all coming in at 4 th place with a 38/46 ratio. As for the top 3 spots, these belong to the Honda Civic Hybrid (45/51), the Toyota Prius (60/51) and the Honda Insight (61/66).
One will notice by reading the list above that hybrid vehicles are often cited in the top 10 of all fuel-efficient vehicles. There are a few different reasons why choosing a hybrid vehicle may be the best choice for those individuals looking to purchase a new car.
Reasons to Choose a Hybrid Vehicle for Your Automobile
There are two main reasons why purchasing a hybrid vehicle may be in the best interest of the driver of the automobile and the people around that individual as well. The first reason for choosing a hybrid vehicle is due to its fabulous fuel efficiency. There are a number of different car manufacturers who have either come out with hybrid vehicles or are in the process of making vehicles of this type. Car manufacturers realize that fuel efficiency has a vital place on an individual’s car buying list of must haves.
Another reason for choosing a hybrid vehicle which is not only beneficial for the owner but for the general public as well is the environmental factors surrounding hybrid automobile use. The more gaseous fumes and toxins which are released into the air, the worse it is for the environment as a whole. Those who truly appreciate the fact that hybrid vehicles are more environmentally sound than other vehicles which strictly use gasoline as their main mode of power are ones who are more likely to purchase a hybrid vehicle. It is important to note that most hybrid automobile drivers purchase their hybrid vehicles due to fuel economy reasons as well. Car manufacturers have also responded to environmental concerns by producing vehicles which are of a hybrid nature and therefore much more gentle to the environment.
Choosing a vehicle which is fuel-efficient is an extremely wise decision. Not only will the driver of a fuel-efficient vehicle save a lot of money on gasoline purchases but will be doing their part to preserve the environment as well. These are two very valid reasons for choosing a vehicle which boasts good fuel economy.

How To Get The Best Rates On Automobile Insurance In Arkansas

How To Get The Best Rates On Automobile Insurance In Arkansas

Like all but a tiny handful of states, Arkansas requires every person who drives a motorized vehicle on Arkansas roads to purchase automobile insurance. In Arkansas the minimum liability insurance that a driver must carry is $25,000 bodily injury per person with $50,000 per accident plus an additional $25,000 in property insurance.

If you own a newer vehicle, or a very expensive model, and your vehicle is financed, your lender may require that you carry more than the state-required minimum coverage.

Arkansas also has a system in place to keep track of every single registered vehicle in the state of Arkansas – the moment any vehicle becomes uninsured, the state of Arkansas has the ability to revoke that vehicle’s registration, rendering that vehicle illegal to drive.

In other words, Arkansas is serious about drivers purchasing automobile insurance, and since you have to purchase automobile insurance in order to drive on public roads, it just makes sense to search around in order to get the best rates on automobile insurance here in Arkansas.

But before you jump online and start looking for great automobile insurance rates there are a few simple steps you can take that will insure that you are able to get the great rates you need.

Start by driving safely and legally. In other words, speeding tickets and other moving violations are going to shoot your automobile insurance premiums sky high. And if you are convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) you can forget finding great rates on your automobile insurance for a minimum of three years.

Younger drivers are considered a bad risk and so their insurance premiums are traditionally higher than most other driver’s rates. However, if you are under 25 and still in school, and you can maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average then you can qualify for a Good Student Discount on your insurance and save anywhere from 5% to 15% each and every month.

Older drivers can get a break as well. If you’re 55 or older you may be able to take a special driver’s refresher course and save as much as 10% on your monthly premium. Not all insurance companies offer this discount, so check with your agent.

If you only drive a few miles each week, talk to your agent about a Low Mileage Discount – there’s no point paying for automobile insurance when your car’s just sitting in the garage.

And speaking of garages, if you have a garage that you can keep your car in at night you may qualify for an additional discount.

Is your car an older model? If your car no longer has any Kelly Blue Book value you may want to discontinue paying for comprehensive and collision insurance since your insurance company won’t pay off on those coverages anyway.

And before you buy that brand new expensive muscle car be sure to check with your agent regarding just how much it’s going to cost you in insurance premiums each month. When it comes to how much your insurance is going to cost, not all cars are created equal – some cost a lot more to insure than others.

How much of a deductible can you afford? The more you can afford to pay out of your own pocket any time you have a claim – and so the less your insurance company is going to pay – the less your insurance company will charge you each month for the coverage.

O.K., now it’s time to get online and check out the prices of automobile insurance policies offered by different insurance companies. Remember, no one website compares all of the different insurance companies, so if you really want the very best rates on automobile insurance that you can possibly find in Arkansas, you are going to have to spend a little extra time and make comparisons on at least 3 different sites.

The extra time you take will be well repaid in savings on your automobile insurance premium that will add up month after month.

Automobile Finance – Get the best deal

Automobile Finance – Get the best deal

An automobile finance is easy and even with less than perfect credit automobile financing or auto loan is beneficial for several reasons.

The procedure to buy a car from a car dealer would be simpler rather than walking directly into a company. Car dealers arrange for some useful services of automobiles loans and automobile insurance. Dealer financing is probably the best route for a low interest car loan as they deal in large volume. If you are not satisfied with the car finance provided by your dealer you can always opt for automobile refinancing.

Car Loan financing requirements

There are certain requirements that one should meet to finance an auto loan. It’s very important that the value of your vehicle exceeds the amount owned. An upside –down auto loan consist of owing more than a car’s worth. In this case, you cannot refinance the car loan.

If possible, try and reduce the amount owed on the car, and then finance. This will involve increasing your monthly payments. Furthermore, financing options only apply to vehicles less than five years old or more. Secondly, the balance owed on the loan must be at least $7500.

How Does the Auto finance Process Work?

Auto financing or auto loan is simple both means same. To begin, contact your current lender and request a payoff balance. Next, complete an online application with an auto loan finance company. When applying for an Auto loan, you must include detail information about your vehicle and loan amount. In some cases, you may be asked to include the vehicle identification number on the application. If applying online, approvals are instant.

Selecting Auto Loan finance Lender

It would be advisable to refinance for an automobile loan through different lenders. Hence, you should devote some time and energy to comparing lender rates and offers. Do not accept the first offer received. A hasty decision may cost you more money. Instead, request online quotes from three to four lenders, and carefully review offers. Pick the lender that offers the most savings.

Automobile dealer at your service

Automobile dealer at your service

Buying a car is the second most prestigious thing after buying a house. There are two ways you can buy a vehicle – you can either approach an automobile dealer or do it yourself. The procedure to buy a car from a car dealer would be simpler rather than walking directly into a company. Car dealers arrange for some useful services of automobiles loans, automobile insurance, automobile warranty, automobile refinancing and so on. Dealer financing is probably the best route for a low interest car loan as they deal in large volume.

Automobile dealer are the bridge between automobile manufacturers and customers. They are primarily engaged in retailing new and used cars, sport utility vehicles and passenger and cargo vans. If you decide to complete the trade of buying the car by yourself you might actually land up paying more than the actual price of the car.

There are different dealers for different types of purchases mainly

1. Independent dealer: Independent dealer is a dealer who deals in used vehicles only. They derive revenue by selling used private automobiles. Independent dealer is far more flexible and offers unbiased and professional advice about proper vehicle selection.
2. Franchise dealer: Franchise dealer can sell both new as well as old automobiles. While selling new automobiles they have to enter into an agreement with the manufacturer. Franchise dealers have decreased in number however their sales volume has increased.
3. Wholesale dealer: A wholesale dealer is a dealer who buys and sells at wholesale from other licensed dealers. The license permitted to a wholesale dealer does not allow him to sell on retail basis anywhere.

If you’re in look out for an automobile dealer, you can easily access vehicle review, view pictures of vehicles; compare models and prices of different dealers. Automobile dealers increasingly use the internet to market new and used cars. Many websites also allow consumers to research insurance, financing, leasing, and warranty options. As a result, consumers are generally better informed and spend less time meeting with salespersons.

Car Dealers

Car Dealers

Automobile dealers are the bridge between automobile manufacturers and consumers. Car dealers are primarily engaged in retailing new cars, sport utility vehicles, passenger cars and cargo vans. New car dealers employ 9 out of 10 workers in the automobile industry. Along with vehicle sales, car dealers provide and perform other activities such as repair services, selling used cars and selling replacement parts and accessories. Large dealers are a one-stop shop for customers who wish to buy, finance, and service their vehicle. Used car dealers specialize in used vehicle sales and account for 1 out of 10 jobs in the industry.

Sales of new cars, trucks, and vans tend to depend upon changing consumer tastes and the price of fuel. The popularity of the manufacturer’s vehicle model and the intensity of competition with other dealers play a vital role in the sale of a car. Consumers are also highly sensitive to the cost of financing. Automotive dealers are more likely to offer generous incentives, rebates, and financing deals during sluggish periods to maintain high sales volumes and to reduce stocks.

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, new vehicle sales account for more than half of the total sales proceeds at contracted new car and new truck dealers. These sales generate additional revenue in other departments of the dealerships. By putting new vehicles on the road, dealers count on after-market additions, repairs, and service for added revenue.

Leasing a car or truck is one financing option for consumers. Leasing services have grown in recent years to accommodate changing consumer-purchasing behavior. As vehicles have become more expensive, growing numbers of consumers are unable or reluctant to make a long-term investment in a new car or truck purchase. Car dealers are a key resource for manufacturers who use them to establish brands and motivate customers to purchase their automobiles.

How To Find The Best Rates On Automobile Insurance In Tennessee

How To Find The Best Rates On Automobile Insurance In Tennessee

You can find the best rates on automobile insurance in Tennessee by purchasing a vehicle that car insurance companies view as safe. Tennessee auto insurers are more likely to offer low rate car insurance to drivers who own safe vehicles because they view those drivers as less risky. So, in order to get a cheap quote on car insurance in Tennessee, you need to make yourself – and your vehicle – safer!

If you haven’t yet purchased a new car (even if it will technically be a used vehicle but new to you), keep in mind that auto insurance companies look at:

•Theft likelihood

•Car price

•Repairs cost

•Car safety record

You’re more likely to get a cheap quote on car insurance in Tennessee if you purchase an inexpensive, modest vehicle with a great safety rating than a flashy, pricey foreign number that’ll cost an entire paycheck to repair. And think about it: would a car thief be more likely to steal a family sedan or a two-seater convertible?

However, even if you already own a vehicle (and aren’t willing to purchase a new one just to save on coverage!), you can still get some of the best rates on automobile insurance in Tennessee. You’ll just need to take a few extra steps:

•Install safety features (anti-theft devices, car alarms)

•Store your car in a safe place (well-lit or gated parking lot, garage)

•Install child safety features (LATCH, rear lap belts with shoulder straps)

And the changes don’t stop with your automobile. There are also steps you can take aside from modifying the safety of your vehicle to get a cheap quote on car insurance in Tennessee:

•Improve your credit score

•Repair your driving record

•Take a driver education course

•Sign up for a mature driver course (if you’re a senior)

Contact your Tennessee auto insurer once you’ve made these changes.

Automobile Shipping

Automobile Shipping

If you are contemplating a long vacation or maybe planning to permanently relocate somewhere else, you would normally want to bring your car with you. It would certainly be a sensible idea if you don’t want to part or sell it. If you are thinking on availing some reliable automobile shipping services, make sure to do some background checks on all the competing companies. When making some comparisons, it is not just about finding the least expensive automobile shipping rate available but to ensure that you will be getting quality service too. This is highly important since you would be relying on them to handle the transport of your car from point A to point B hopefully without any mishaps. But before you book for any automobile shipping, here are some great trips that you can use:

Advise your automobile service contractor if there are any modifications in your car, like camper shells or you have a lowered vehicle. Make sure than you will be easily accessible by phone throughout the whole duration of the automobile shipping.

To prepare your vehicle for relocation, check for any fluid leaks, and make sure that your batteries are snugly fitted in the mounting bracket. Disconnect and disable all the alarm systems and remove any enhancements such as CD players and car phones. If you are moving to a place with a drastic change in climate, prepare to vehicle to better adapt the change in temperature.

There are certain regulations that govern automobile shipping all over the US and abroad. Copies should be furnished on all the relevant papers such as the vehicle identification number (VIN), the vehicle’s property title, and license plates. You should also provide your automobile shipping company the complete name and address of the person who will receive the vehicle at the point of destination. Automobile shipping would normally take 7 to 14 days, provided that all the requirements are complete and there are no other complications. Otherwise, if some required documents were not properly provided, the vehicle will be held in custody and the owner will have to pay for the storage fee. If in case the vehicle is a collateral to a loan, the owner should also be able to present some documents that would substantiate that the bank or the lending institution have full knowledge and consent to the shipment of the automobile. It is important to comply all the requirements to make sure that the shipment will not encounter any delays and for you not to constantly worry during the whole shipment duration.

Car Donation Benefits

Car Donation Benefits

Why are car donations a good idea? As a car owner, there comes a point when you realize that your automobile is on its last legs. Assuming you have the next automobile in your sights and/or possession, what can you do with your clunker? If it’s a heap and needs extensive work, there’s no point in giving your wallet a beating. Why pay a thousand dollars in repairs if the car is only worth a few hundred? Who is to say it won’t break down again shortly thereafter, costing you even more? If the motor runs and the wheels aren’t rolling off, a lucky younger relative in need of a handout could take it as a present. Or you could spend money advertising it for sale, yet receive a pittance. Making a car donation is a smart option.
Whether a convertible, a bus, a pickup or a junker, a non-profit charity will gladly take your vehicle. It does not even have to be a running vehicle to donate it. It is a tax write off and you’re able to claim more for making a contribution than what you would get selling it. The assistance you give to the charity of your choice by making a car donation gives a feeling of satisfaction.
Making a gift of a car donation is simple. The hardest part is figuring out which deserving charity gets your help, and that’s not a bad task at all. You can choose from large national organization that you are familiar with such as the United Way, American Lung Association, The Red Cross, The Boy Scouts or the Salvation Army. Or you can choose something local that will aid your community exclusively. Church groups, schools and local hospitals are all places to check.
Most places will come to you for a pickup within all 50 U.S. States. The company will come with a tow truck to where your vehicle is at your convenience. It can be towed anytime during the week that you have time, usually within the week and some organizations can do rush pickup within a day or two. You do not have to pay anything for them to come and take it. If your vehicle is worth less than $500 they’ll give you a receipt quickly. If it is worth more, it will take longer to get your receipt. Once you have the receipt detailing your gift of a car donation, hold it until tax time to be itemized. You most likely have a general idea of what your automobile is worth. Kelley Blue Book will also aid you in assessing the value of your gift.
Depending on the organization, up to 100% of all money made from your car donation will go to that charity. How many times have you given a handout to a bell-ringer or put a contribution into a jar and felt a little guilty? Have you wished it could be more? There may never be the “perfect time” to pull out $500 or more to give to a charity organization you believe in. Donating your automobile gives you that perfect time and the relief of not having to do anything more than make a call.