How To Increase Your Earning Power With Affiliate Programs

How To Increase Your Earning Power With Affiliate Programs

There are two separate ingredients to living your dream by creating income with affiliate programs online. They are vital to your success both as a sponsor and as a downline member. Your role as a sponsor and your role as an active affiliate in your chosen program are equally important if you wish to truly increase your earning power.

Let’s first look at the fact that most people tend to come to the internet with a lotto mentality hoping to make big money fast. They believe the hype. They tend to pogo stick from one money making opportunity to another in hopes of finding the gold and yet fail to do the easy stuff that really does create that lifestyle they desire to achieve.

In grade school your teacher probably said something like “ok let’s settle down” well the same can apply to both sponsors and members. SETTLE DOWN! To make real income anywhere online or off doesn’t matter, it’s a real business and it will take three to five years to develop a successful business. Not five to ten minutes like the lotto mentality would dictate.

Don’t believe the hype. Become a good member and be a great sponsor who over delivers on support, training and personal help. You know old school, one on one with your new members. These are the tools successful sponsors in any program have mastered and it took a lot longer than five minutes. In order for you to be a great sponsor you first have to be a great affiliate so let’s look at the to do list.

Affiliates, downline or team members can also be considered customers and clients, leads and contacts. The people are the constant needed for any business to thrive. Being an active and involved affiliate member yourself is easy to accomplish and anyone who is serious about being in business and creating the income from affiliate programs “that you can brag about” will have to get seriously involved in certain actions and steps to pull it all together over time, and they are:

1. Login to your account! Most people because they are pogo sticking around looking for gold (and only finding dirt) have only went so far as to fill out the form on the page to join xyz affiliate program. They failed to complete the next step which is to login and take a look around. So if this is you, here is your to do list.

a. Login using your username and password and fill in your correct contact information. Why use a bogus email or phone number? It accomplishes the opposite of what you are looking for. Without connecting to other people in the program you will not grow and you will not make money. How is your sponsor supposed to contact you?

b. Once logged in click every button and link. Everywhere you can fill out your own information for any of the downline programs in your members area, you should have your affiliate id in it so you get the growth from your marketing efforts and not someone else. Do the paper work.

c. If the program requires you to surf do it! After all, didn’t you need more traffic or leads when you signed up? Use the program you just joined to it’s fullest so you can easily help and train Your new member how to use the system successfully as well. This is the first step to being a great sponsor and the beginning of your affiliate income.

d. Promote it! Why join if you have no intention of actively promoting it to create the growth you need to make money from that particular program. Otherwise it’s just another program that “failed to produce?” on your list. most likely it was not the program that failed but you, because you took no action.

e. When you need help ASK YOUR SPONSOR! They should be your first line of information when you need answers quick. Remember that when you are the sponsor, using a fake email or having no phone number is not a good way to do business and if your downline cannot get a hold of you they will pogo stick right out of your income stream into someone else’s.

f. Attend any and all online free workshops, training classes or special meetings related to that program so you ask the questions you need answers to. This is the best place to bring your own new referrals into your new program too so they can not only meet with you live but meet the other members in the program. The community will help warm your new lead and help get through any trouble spots they may run into.

By accomplishing these tasks as a free affiliate of any program you will be training yourself to be a great sponsor who gets incredible results from these simple steps. As a sponsor how do you “over deliver” to your customers, downline members and team mates you ask? Well it has to do with first really understanding the program you are in, knowing it well enough to answer any questions your people may have and mentoring them so they to can achieve the success they are looking for. There is a great PDF file on how to wow your customers and keep them coming back forever and you can get it here for free.

Read it, follow the steps above and focus focus focus until you see the results you want. Your success is not guaranteed and neither is failure. You reap what you sow so be the best affiliate you can be in the program you choose to represent, strive to be the best sponsor to your own referral, your clients, and always be willing to learn how to help before you learn how to profit. This will increase you earning power and increase your online business success for years to come.

Luck and Gambling: Lucky Charms, Lucky Numbers and Superstitions

Luck and Gambling: Lucky Charms, Lucky Numbers and Superstitions

The connection between gambling and luck has always been strong. Many gamblers, usually recreational gamblers, attach their gambling success or failure to being lucky or unlucky, respectively. In order to improve their luck and maximize their winnings, they would, for example, play the same slot machine where they hit last time, place bets on roulette numbers which are considered lucky, ask the croupier to blow over their dice and many other such acts.

Here you will not learn how to improve your luck. You can read here about the different approaches to the abstract concept of luck in general, and about its close partnership with gambling in particular. Before we go over to the meaning of luck in exotic cultures, here are some clarifications.

Luck, whatever that means, can make you win in a roulette game, hit the slot machine jackpot or even beat your poker opponents or your blackjack dealer. However, in casino games such as blackjack, poker, and even sports betting, for example, if you rely strictly on waking up on your lucky day, you would end up losing eventually. Even in the casino games known as games of chance or luck games including bingo, slots and lottery it is important to be aware of the probabilities of winning rather than trustign intuitions and superstitions.

According to the English dictionary, the term luck is defined as:
1) The chance happening of fortunate or adverse events; fortune.
2) Good fortune or prosperity; success.
3) Ones personal fate or lot.

The different approaches towards the concept of luck and the impact it has on ones life are varied and can range from the rationalist claim, on one hand, which rejects any belief that cannot be supported by science, to the mystic approach, on the other hand, that uses certain rituals to avoid bad luck and to invite good fortune. Somewhere in the middle lies an approach that sees luck as an abstract idea that cannot be controlled or changed. Just like that faqct that you cannot pick or control the circumstances of your birth, you cannot control or choose other occurrences in your life such as selecting winning lottery numbers.

Each culture has its unique list of superstitions, rituals and lucky charms. Some are old and carry on from one generation to another, while others, such as human sacrifice, for example, are long forgotten. Each culture also has its lucky and unlucky numbers. The number 7 is considered as a lucky number in many cultures including the Japanese and most of the Western cultures from ancient times until our days. Thirteen is considered the unlucky number. For that reason, people will usually mark seven in their lottery ticket and will try to avoid bingo cards with a 13 number printed on them.

If you want to see contemporary luck rituals live, go to the closest bingo hall or visit a land based casino gambling area. You will see bingo fans wearing their lucky clothes and shoes, seating in their lucky seat, surrounded with family photos, cuddly toys, horseshoes or/and four leaf clovers and marking their bingo cards with their lucky daubers. You would see dressed up people gather around the roulette or the craps table carrying a rabbit foot in their pockets.

The topic of luck is much more widespread than it can be reviewed in such a short article. There is nothing wrong with being superstitious and carrying your lucky charms with you, as long as you do not leave your common sense at home. Try remembering this the next time you visit Las Vegas for playing your favourite game such as poker at your favourite poker room or bingo at your favorite bingo room somewhere.

Happiness And Health Are The Two Most Important Things In Life

Happiness And Health Are The Two Most Important Things In Life

The world is becoming obsessed with money and all things material. From the size of your house, the type of car and even where you travel on your holidays, some people are trying to go one better do their friends and family.

For me these people are quite sad. I have a friend who is similar to the people above, he is always thinking of money, always talking about money. How to earn it, how to spend it etc. He is part of a lottery syndicate, there are about fifty people in this syndicate. When he goes out on the Saturday evening, he always takes with him a piece of paper with the numbers on and a little pen. At around nine o’clock he phones his girlfriend and she tells him what the numbers are for that particular night. He then spends around twenty minutes checking the numbers, and then re-checking to see if he has any winning lines.

He then returns from the toilet area and is asked by other members of the group about how much he has won/lost. He has yet to have any major win to this point, this does not deter him however and for the next hour, he will start a debate, asking different people how they would spend their winnings, if they ever won the lottery.

For me the two most important things in life are health and happiness. These are two things which money can not buy. A number of years ago, my father became very ill. He had to spend around five months in hospital and he was only fifty seven. I feared the worst, even though I was trying my hardest to think and stay positive. I remember thinking, if I could give those doctors everything I own in the world, it still would not help him.

Happiness is the same, at times I have had lots of cash in my back pocket, however have been quite depressed. At other times I have had next to no money and have been extremely happy.

Get Lucky!

Get Lucky!

“Luck” is what happens when someone wins the Lotto. Against several million to one odds, the six numbers drawn match the six on the winning man’s ticket. Or the little old lady pulls the “one-armed bandit”, and bells ring and lights light up as she “hits the big one”.
There was once a time when one’s values, work ethic and determination went a long way in explaining success. Horatio Algerism meant that a well-dressed, hard-working, likable person could write his or her own ticket–climb the corporate ladder, live in a big house in a nice neighborhood, drive a fancy car, and vacation with the family once or twice per year.
But today that’s not enough. There’s something else–some other factor that separates the ones just getting by (in spite of their hard work, etc.) from those who appear to be living the American Dream. When you try to analyze it, it seems to be, well, luck.
Sure, one can do okay by doing “all the right things.” But today, you don’t necessarily get the white picket fence just for performing up to your bosses expectations, and running a profitable business. No, today we seem to also need something intangible, some break, some uniqueness. We need luck.
By definition, luck is completely out of our control. I believe, however, that there are certain things we can do to position ourselves for it. Earl Nightingale defines success as “when preparedness meets opportunity.” Here are a few ways to “prepare” ourselves for the “opportunity”:
Work hard. In the words of Chuck Berry, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” While hard work alone does not guarantee meeting Lady Luck, people who work long enough and hard enough at their goals tend to be lucky.
Be couragious during the storm. As elusive as good luck seems to be, bad luck seems to happen so naturally. While you can’t escape it, how you weather it will have an effect on the kind of luck that follows.
Be positive and optimistic. Being positive helps get you through the bad luck, and also positions you for lucky opportunities to flow your way.
Do what you love. Passion seems to be a conduit for luck. When you have discovered what you love, and focus your energy in that area, you are well-positioned for luck to occur.
So go out, get positioned, and get lucky!

Have You Tested Your Theme Against Your Plot?

Have You Tested Your Theme Against Your Plot?

Creative Writing Tips –
How we usually begin the preparation stage in the writing process is…
We think of an idea for a story
We think of a suitable theme
We plot
Once we come up with a theme and we begin plotting, we have to see how the theme and the plot match up. Sometimes as we plot we find that the theme we had initially chosen won’t do.
For example…
‘Winning The Lottery Makes Your Life Easier’
Plotting with this theme in mind, we have our characters pay off all their debts, go on endless shopping sprees, go on holidays, etc. We find though that this won’t make a very interesting story. So we spice it up, adding to the theme or coming up with a different one.
“Winning The Lottery Makes Your Life Easier But Everything Has Its Price.”
We can show the characters living the life of the rich for a while before they realize that being wealthy has its problems too…
They now fear for their safety
Their friends and relatives are constantly harping at their door asking for assistance
This second scenario creates more problems for the characters, so it’s more interesting for us readers.
The preparation stage is there to prepare before you write. It’s our workbench where we figure everything out. We test our theme, we test our plot and once everything passes the test, then we begin writing.
You can change the theme as many times as you feel it needs changing, while you are in the preparation stage.
The main thing is to make your story interesting.
It’s not a good idea to keep changing the theme when writing the story because then you will have to keep changing the story. This means rewriting.
Figure everything out then write.
Have you tested your theme against your plot?

Trust Full Moon For The Most Romantic Valentine Gift Ever!

Trust Full Moon For The Most Romantic Valentine Gift Ever!

When shopping for a romantic Valentine gift this year, don’t forget the comfort, ease, and gift choice variety offered online. Here at Full Moon Gift Baskets, we’ve an exciting and tantalizing selection of Valentine Day gift ideas from which to choose.

WOW that special man or woman in your life with a unique romantic gift that’s a little out of the ordinary. Take our Naughty-n-Nice Gift Basket, for instance. An assortment of romantic treats and Valentine sweets that’ll have the tiger in him, or the kitten in her, purring and begging for more!

First, let this extra special Valentine Day gift whet their chocolate-loving appetite with such gourmet treats as luscious chocolates by Lindt, rich, chocolaty squares by Ghirardelli, and ever popular cordial cherries…rich, syrupy…and oh, so nice!

But that’s not all! Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be a lover’s holiday without showing that special someone how special they really are.

Awake your lover’s adventurous spirit with more-intimate delights and romance enhancers. What about playing a round of Lover’s Lotto, a card game for two found tucked in a corner of the gift basket? Or create a more serious mood with the Swedish massage oil; a scented tea-light candle, also provided.

A frisky exotic “feather tickler” further enhances the thrill of the moment. And we won’t even mention the pleasures of the love-enhancing warming lotion and oil, included in this romantic Valentine gift.

Top the evening off with other “romantic essentials” found in this unique gift basket. A sweetly scented sponge bath for two – complete with heart soaps, passion flower bubble bath, a net body sponge, and bed-n-bath dust.

Other romantic gifts provided by Full Moon include the Treats for My Sweet gift basket; equally symbolic of love, only more demure. For those more daring, try the exotic Night of Passion gold tray. This sassy gift comes complete with a collection of “let’s play” teasers: body frosting, a paint brush, Passion Mood Chocolates, a Chocolate Shower Bar, a relaxing massage tool, and more.

What could be a more intimate or romantic Valentine gift? Each perfect for Valentine’s, or for any day of the year!

Play Online Bingo – The fast food of online entertainment

Play Online Bingo – The fast food of online entertainment

Okay, so by now you should have all heard about this ‘fast food’ style phenomenon called online bingo. Interested? Want to know what it tastes like? Slightly afraid you might become addicted to the flavour and so you are staying well clear?

Well, let me give you a bit more food for thought. It may help you decide that online bingo is a tempting dish, and if you do not play immediately you will enter a kind of spasmodic epilepsy, cured only by the sound of a voice in the distant bingo halls calling ‘BINGO’. Or it may confirm your initial view that online bingo is for those with an appetite for loneliness, a craving for bankruptcy and a hunger for the monotonous.

Fortunately online bingo is none of these things.

For many people, bingo is a chance to meet new friends, to have a bit of fun and to spend money on something, in their spare time, which they feel they get a return from, whether emotionally for financially.

Of course, a return financially is highly unlikely because the odds are stacked against you, right? Or are they? Current bingo software is coded to deliver a return to the bingo operator of a specific percentage. Current research shows that percentage to be around 30-35%. That means for every £1 you spend, the bingo site will keep around 35 pence for operating costs and profits. The rest will go into the jackpot as prize money for each game with a percentage towards a progressive jackpot. And of course, it does not benefit a bingo site to keep most of the money for themselves, otherwise their players will soon realise that no-one is winning, their prizes will become small, the dish has gone cold, and the hunger for a different bingo site grows rapidly.

So to ensure that you are playing on a reputable site and one which delivers the right ingredients for a rewarding and tasteful experience, look on the homepage for a logo which refers to a Gaming Commission or Game Auditors, such as Thawte, or that the site is closely associated with GamCare. Also try and play on a site licensed within the European Union, for example Gibraltar, which is highly regulated. You can also tell if a site is paying out regularly by the numbers of people online against the level of the jackpots for each game. On first glance, a reasonable jackpot, with a good number of players, equates to a popular and successful site with good payout rates. A good place to start is on a site which is part of a network of bingo sites, such as Chit Chat Bingo which is part of the highly reputable St Minver network and supported by Parlay software, with lengthy experience in the online bingo industry and audited on a regular basis.

The odds of winning a bingo game depend on how many players are playing at a given time. But for everyone playing you can be sure of one thing – somebody will win and that someone could be you. There are sites that may use unscrupulous marketing ploys to tempt you to part with your money. Promotions you should be wary of are the ones like ‘win £100,000 jackpot in under 40 balls’. The odds of winning this kind of amount in under 40 balls, equate to about 20 million to one. You have more chance of winning the national lottery. Your best option is to keep it simple and keep it realistic. Don’t follow these types of outrageous promotions. No company is going to give away that kind of money in a hurry.

But we all know that the odds are stacked against us, right? Yet both the offline and online bingo markets are growing at an enormous pace. A recent survey showed that of the 3 million plus land-based bingo players in the UK, around 50,000 of these now play online bingo. Around 2000 land based people play bingo online every night, bringing approximate monthly tickets sales to over £10 million .

So is playing online bingo another true form of gambling addiction, or is it just another way of feeding our fast-food like lifestyles, with the need for instant satisfaction and immediate fulfilment before we move onto the next fad?

Psychologists suggest that the internet in itself is known to be addictive and presents particular problems for those who may suffer from a gambling addiction. However, recent research by Ms Winstone (a Southampton University psychologist) shows that it can improve reactive mental abilities in all ages.

In some ways playing bingo is no different to playing the national lottery or having a flutter at the races. Granny used to play bingo and to call granny a gambler seems ludicrous. But the national lottery or the bookies are simple forms of gambling, and is bingo really any different.
Always the odds are stacked against you but yet people still place bets or huddle around the lottery TV shows, fingers crossed in one hand and lottery tickets in the other.

And the demographic is changing too – with 90% of online bingo players now below the age of 50. So whereas before, the bingo organisations would target granny’s hard earned pension, operators are now targeting a much younger and broader internet savvy audience, looking for a new way of feeding us instant ‘fast-food’ like entertainment in an ever evolving internet dependant world.

So while the average household is spending £20 per week on fast-food (National Statistics survey) the fundamental reasons why people like to play online bingo are the same reasons why you and I may enter a Chinese Takeaway on a Friday night – the need for a speedy response to a craving, a desire for instant satisfaction, and a longing for a taste that leaves you wanting more.

So before you lick your lips and tantalize your taste buds with the delights of online bingo, remember that it is to many a form of gambling and to others a form of entertainment. Make of it what you will but enjoy the taste while it lasts… you will certainly be back for more!

Dowsing For Prosperity

Dowsing For Prosperity

I get many e-mails and letters regarding using dowsing for wealth and prosperity. They range from dowsing winning lottery numbers, stock market dowsing to getting a job or a contract. I think we all have a birth-right to be prosperous as long as we do it in a conscious manner without hurting others or the environment and use the wealth for overall growth, not just selfish reasons.

When it comes to using dowsing for getting the winning lottery numbers – well, I haven’t met or heard of anybody who has been successful at that. (if there are any – they probably keep it to themselves :o)

The way I see it – there are so many people involved in the process that it’s virtually impossible to get an agreement on a higher level – all of them (or rather their Higher Selves) would have to agree to loose in order for you to win – probability of that is rather very slim, regardless if you want to win just “to get rich” or have a noble idea of creating or supporting some charitable cause. If you prove me wrong – let me know!

Dowsing Stock Market – I don’t have much personal experience with that, but from what I’ve seen and tried with others – it’s much easier to dowse a long term trend then it is to dowse tomorrow’s stock.

The best place to apply dowsing for prosperity is on personal level. First – in finding all the blocks – both: conscious and subconscious, that you or the society you grow up in places on you, the next step is to remove those blocks and allow yourself to be prosperous. There are many techniques that you can apply here – check my website to find out more.

That’s all for now, live healthy and prosper!

Chris Gozdzik

The Rise and Rise of Poker – An article by The Sportsman

The Rise and Rise of Poker – An article by The Sportsman

The immense diversion of the gambling and betting industry over the last ten years has without question changed forever. The likes of football betting, online casinos and, of course, poker hardly existed on the betting landscape as horse racing was in a market of one. The internet coupled with the Lottery have transformed the industry permanently and it’s all the better for it.

The National Lottery place a crucial role in all this despite being hailed by bookmakers at the time as being the deathnel of the ff-course betting shop. The reality, and to be fair nobody, saw it coming, was that The Lottery sanitized the whole notion of betting – it was now seen as OK to have a small flutter for a bit of fun. The internet arrived simply as the rocket fuel to pour on the naked flame.

Nevertheless, the real product winner is without question poker. The exchanges have a case but they are still, at present, seen as only for the sophisticated gambler. No doubt as the rest of the world catches up with the UK the likes of Betfair will flourish more globally but perversely they almost need the traditional bookmaker to be established before them.

Poker however seems to have swept all before it and unlike Betfair it’s a multitude of companies that are seeing the benefit from online bookmakers to bespoke poker sites. But why has a game that has been around for hundreds of years suddenly exploded so much?

The reality is because it is, in fact, very easy to play, if you want to see exactly how easy then check out the rules of poker. True it does take longer to master as much of the marketing will tell you but, especially online, where your face doesn’t give you away those with the basics can still beat the best and the David and Goliath factor is what drives most people, especially when gambling. Whether it’s you versus the bookie, other poker players or other exchange users, the drive is the winning. Not necessarily the amount – watch a new gambler winning a long odds-on bet with £5 wagered – still delighted despite only collecting a matter of pence.

Now that so many people play can there ever be a true World Number 1? It is surely very unlikely from now that any single player will win the WSOP twice – ever! This is because te sport is now completely swamped with new players many of whom are very good at their craft but elements of luck will always play a part. Some will argue this is true of any sport but in most traditional sports the best players are there or thereabouts.

Nevertheless, the figures show the game to be in rude health and seemingly not showing sings of reaching a plateau which it must at some point but the figures coming out of Party Poker and show nothing but the rise and rise of poker. Nobody should be talking of flushing or folding just yet, just wait for the Chinese to get online and the sky will be small fry as far as limits are concerned.

The above article was brought to you by the The Sportsman.

Manifesting Money is Deliciously Easy

Manifesting Money is Deliciously Easy

Have you any doubt that manifesting money is easy? It actually is very easy to manifest what you want, but not in the way that you think. Repeating mindless affirmation and visualizing 5 minutes at a time won’t cut it.

One of the first things people do when they hear of the law of attraction is to jump into creating a business or playing the lottery with the hopes of manifesting money super fast.
This is the worst mistake. They work tirelessly getting their business up and running. When this does not work they run from one venture after another.

Of course this only gets the person frustrated. I hear people saying all the time, “I played the lottery and I got nothing, the law of attraction does not work.” The law of attraction does work. It is only that there are correct ways of applying the law of attraction and there are incorrect ways of applying the law of attraction.

Before you do anything to manifest more money, stop yourself. Yes, just stop. Do nothing. Before you can truly begin manifesting money you must align yourself with that money.

Alignment is an important first step. It shifts your energy from a place of lack into a place of now having. You can only have what you first become. The alignment of each thing you want to manifest takes its on time but there are many advanced, yet easy techniques that can get you there extremely fast.

When you rush to take action you are hopping to create new circumstances with the same state of being where you presently are. That’s why most people fail in the process of manifesting money or the things they truly desire to manifest.