Casino Rama

Casino Rama

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Casino Rama

Casino Rama is located on the east side of Lake Couchiching, 12 kilometres from Downtown Orillia, Ontario Canada. Casino Rama is open 24 hours daily, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Casino Rama is a 95,000 square foot casino that housed 2,300 slots, 120 table games, 9 restaurants and 289 hotel rooms.
The splendid structure of Casino Rama is based on the Ontario’s First Nations people culture and traditions. First Nations are renowned for their unity and cooperation. Tradition showed that they have bonded together to achieve the goals they have set. Casino Rama is based on that principle. Teamwork is greatly stressed in Casino Rama. Casino Rama aims to provide guests with the exciting entertainment and quality service they need through teamwork among the staffs. Team spirit or unity is the moving force behind the staffs and management’s goals and endeavors. Casino Rama is founded on the vision of being the “Best of the Best” when it comes to providing an entertainment facility in Canada. These goals are pursued at the same time to promote cultural integrity and harmony among all the staffs of Casino Rama. Which in turn, is expected to translate to excellent service to customers and players of Casino Rama.
Casino Rama is designed to attend to thousands of visitors in a day. Three restaurants operate within the main casino building. Casino Rama has the silver Nightingale Lounge that offers nightly entertainment. Aside from parking spaces for 2,000 cars on site another extensive satellite parking is provided for guests and players.
Casino Rama table games has a grand total of 120 tables. Of these 120 gaming tables provided by Casino Rama, 3 are for baccarat, 51 for blackjack, 12 for Caribbean stud poker, 4 for craps, 6 for Let-it-Ride, 9 for Mini-baccarat, 7 for Pai Gow poker, 3 for Pai gow tiles, 10 tables for poker, 2 for Sic Bo and several tsables for roulette and Spanish 21. Other gaming options include bingo and midibac. Restaurants at Casino Rama provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to guests. Casino Rama has a wide selection of buffet, Catonese, Italian, steak restaurants. Casino Rama also features entertainment centers and shops to provide other entertainment options to guests.
So when you happen to visit Ontario Canada, don’t forget to check out Casino Rama. Casino Rama warm staffs and excellent service will provide you with one gaming experience that you will always cherish.

New Car Launches in India in 2005

New Car Launches in India in 2005

The Indian car industry has gathered steam only in the last decade. Just imagine – 15 years back, there were only two cars being manufactured in India, the vintage Hindustan Ambassador and the venerable Premier Padmini. The Ambassador was the Indian version of the Morris Oxford, while the Padmini was based on an ancient Fiat model. Compare that to today, when every major automobile manufacturer has its cars on the road in India. 2005 is the year when India is poised to see more automobile launches that before. Let’s take a look at the vehicles that are expected.
Toyota Innova
Toyota has three vehicles in the Indian market – the Toyota Qualis, Camry and Corolla. The Qualis is the most outdated of the lot, with the looks of a breadbox. However, this model was extremely succesful in India due to its reliability and was used by many taxi operators in the country. Toyota has just withdrawn the vehicle from the market, and is about to introduce the Innova, a much more modern MPV in the minivan mould that can hold its own amongst the latest international vehicles. The pricing is expected to be around that of the now-extinct Qualis, making it approachable for the Indian middle-class.
Skoda Fabia
Skoda will be launching its small car Fabia in India by mid-2005. While the ocompany has yet not decided on whether the model in India should be a sedan, hatchback or estate, this car is bound to have a following. This is partly due to the tremendous reputation Skoda enjoys in India due to its highly succesful Octavia range. The power unit too is still undecided, but what we believe is that it will be priced at the same level as Honda’s highly succesful small car, the Honda City.
Chevrolet Aveo
Maruti Suzuki Swift
Maruti is India’s most succesful automobile company, and Suzuki recently acquired a controlling stake in it. The Swift will be Maruti’s first radical, contemporary vehicle. The company has always preferred to play it safe, and has introduced tried-and-tested vehicle models from the Suzuki stable. The Swift is based on Suzuki’s famous Concept S design unveiled at teh 2002 Paris Auto Show, and will be launched in India with the reliable Maruti Esteem’s (an older Suzuki Swift version) 1300 cc petrol engine in India.
Toyota Fortuner
The Fortuner will be launched in the later half 2005 in India. It is a small-SUV which should give a run to the Honda CR-V which rules th SUV market in India now. The Fortuner is based on the same platform as the Innova. Excellent styling, car-like interiors and slightly cheaper pricing that its competitors will see it doing well in the Indian market. This ladder-on-chassis, common rail diesel engine (CRDI) seems to the perfect recipe for the penny-pinching but power-loving Indian.
Ford Fusion
The Fusion has already been launched in India. It is a small car, but with SUV style. The car is positioned in India as vehicle for the active young driver who has a family. The car is powered by a 16 Valve, 1600 cc light-weight alloy engine that is good enough for around 100 bhp. The reviewers have loved it, and the market seems to be falling for it too, though it is too early to tell.
There are some other cars too – such as the Chevrolet Aveo and the Hyundai Tucson – but details are still not forthcoming at this point.

How to Identify the Symptoms of Appendicitis

How to Identify the Symptoms of Appendicitis

The process of diagnosing appendicitis is very challenging to doctors. The symptoms of appendicitis have an unspecific character and don’t always indicate to appendicitis. In some forms of the illness, the general symptoms of appendicitis are even impossible to detect in time.

Appendicitis is usually diagnosed upon patients’ reports of symptoms. The most common symptoms of appendicitis are: pronounced, recidivating pain in the lower abdomen (it usually occurs in the umbilical region and later localizes in the right lower area of the abdomen), loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, abdominal bloating and moderate fever. These symptoms of appendicitis are more intense in the acute forms of the illness. It is important to note that people with chronic appendicitis may only have one or two of these symptoms, and usually at a lower intensity (high fever is uncharacteristic to people with chronic appendicitis). Some people may not have any symptoms of appendicitis at all!

Appendicitis can affect anyone, at any age. Generally, appendicitis seems to have a higher incidence in males. Acute forms of appendicitis mostly occur in children and teenagers (with ages between 3 and15), but also in older patients (ages above 50). Due to the fact that small children are incapable of expressing their pain and distress, the acute forms of appendicitis are usually detected later in very young patients. This allows the illness to aggravate and many children develop complications before they receive the appropriate medical treatment. In most cases, the presence of appendicitis in elderly patients is also revealed late. The symptoms of appendicitis are perceived differently by older patients and by the time the illness is diagnosed, they may have already developed gangrene or sepsis.

The symptoms of appendicitis in people with special conditions are probably the most difficult to detect. While symptoms like fever, abdominal pain and bloating are common in most patients with acute appendicitis, some people with the illness only feel a general state of fatigue and discomfort. The symptoms of appendicitis are almost impossible to timely detect in people with HIV, people who have previously suffered surgical interventions, people with diabetes, people that receive treatment with immuno-supressives and obese people. In many cases, these special categories of people are sent to the operation room right after they are diagnosed with acute appendicitis.

The symptoms of appendicitis are simply not reliable in diagnosing the illness. However, there are other means of diagnosing appendicitis: blood analysis, endoscopy and computerized tomography.

Although the mortality rate of people with appendicitis has considerably decreased in the last decades, the illness is still considered to be a medical emergency. Considering the gravity of the illness, you should see a doctor even you have the slightest symptom of appendicitis. If the symptoms of appendicitis are intense, you may have already developed complications and prompt medical intervention is required. Pay attention to the symptoms of appendicitis and remember that this illness can be life-threatening!

The Magic In Numbers: Lotto Magic That Is!

The Magic In Numbers: Lotto Magic That Is!

Voila! So, one can make money playing the Florida Lottery from anywhere in the world! At least that’s what I’ve been told. What an ingenious idea. Well, what if your own personal numbers never come in to make you a winner? So what, there are generally seven (7) other players assigned to your team as soon as you sign up, and you will automatically get 10% of each person’s winnings. What if your numbers never made it but one person on your team won –let’s say, $5,000? That means you will automatically get 10% of $5,000. (Looks like $500.00 to me—is that right—I am so bad with figures…)

I read on and came across the statement, This One Works! I pursued this matter further, being that I am very detailed oriented and prefer to heavily research just about anything that interest me. Then I read a couple of the Testimonials:

“For the eight months May thru December 2004, LOTTO MAGIC paid me $7,150.02. For the months of January thru July 2005, LOTTO MAGIC paid me $14,075.02! That is an average of over $2,000.00 per month for this year. That is net after they withhold $50.00 per month for the next month’s play.” G.D. Stephens, Durham, NC.

“We joined LOTTO MAGIC in November 2001. By August 2002, our monthly check was more than our combined Social Security retirement checks! The folks at LOTTO MAGIC can be depended upon to get your commission checks out on time — and that’s important to someone who is retired. We love LOTTO MAGIC!” Gene and Elaine C., Raytown, MO.

With further research, I came across the following:


Note the following from this Venture:

• If you can mail their attractive postcards and flyers, you will succeed!

• This program makes up for all of those bad choices made in the past.

• There are people who have taken advantage of this offer and now make more money than they make on their regular jobs.

• Whether you want to make a few hundred bucks or a few thousand dollars every month, Lotto Magic will show you how!

• This program is not a scam, it is not some kind of rip-off, it is not some pyramid scheme, and it is not illegal!

• Lotto Magic is a real business that has been in business since 1996.

• Imagine being able to play the lottery for free and get a check every month whether you win or not.

• Lotto Magic is a real winner and it could give you the financial freedom that you have been looking for.

Why would anyone want to join a lottery club?

1. You live in a state that does not have a lottery.
2. You would like to play the Florida lottery.
3. You want to improve your odds of winning.
4. You want to make extra money in addition to lottery winnings!

Then why would anyone want to join this lottery club? Again, neatly written were the words, “This One Works!” Okay, so I was sold. I kept reminding myself that I couldn’t win if I didn’t play! I even requested a FREE club membership booklet.

To get your FREE club membership booklet, call LOTTO MAGIC toll free anytime: 877-526-6957. Give your name, address, and the ID# J6660.

Discover the Secrets of Effective Marketing

Discover the Secrets of Effective Marketing

The discipline of marketing can often be complex and confusing. As a marketing veteran, I have seen countless marketing professionals get hung up on various aspects of marketing which have little impact on actual marketing results.

Based on my experience, there are four critical elements to an effective marketing campaign. Whether you’re looking to improve your search engine marketing results, internet marketing, or marketing in general, be sure to follow these simple guidelines which I refer to as the A.T.O.M approach.

A.T.O.M – Audience, Timing, Offer, Message

1. Know Your Audience. No one can effectively market, communicate, or sell without knowing their audience or what motivates them to buy. Is your potential customer male or female? Young or old? A first time buyer or frequent purchaser? Are they the final decision maker? Do they have preferences for a particular product, service, or delivery method? The more you know about your audience, the more targeted and relevant your marketing can be.

2. Timing is Everything. Even with the most convincing marketing campaign, prospects will have no interest in your product or service if you aren’t communicating to them at the right time. Be sure your marketing message is in front of prospects when they’re ready to buy. This could be at a particular time of year or perhaps prior to a life event.

3. Finding the Right Offer. In direct marketing, experts say that results are 40% dependant on your list, 40% on the offer, and 20% on your creative. The same is true for internet marketing, search engine marketing, and the like. Test your offers and find the one that out performs all the others. This offer should continually be tested and refined to improve your results.

4. Its all about the Messaging. If you know your audience well enough, you should be able to craft a message that addresses their needs and differentiates your product or service from the competition. Additionally, be sure to stress benefits over features. This will give your audience a reason to read, try, and buy.

The next time you are conducting a marketing campaign, use the A.T.O.M. approach. Knowing your audience, ensuring that you reach them when they’re ready to buy, experimenting to find the most productive offer, and communicating to them productively, are essential for any marketing campaign to deliver results.

Understanding Your Property Tax Bill

Understanding Your Property Tax Bill

The first thing to understand about your property tax bill is the terminology. Many people look at the tax bill and see a bunch of numbers that have no meaning to them. In reality, they do have a special meaning to the property owner. If you do not understand what the sections on your property tax bill mean, you might not know if this bill is correct or not. Here are some terms that you need to understand when looking at the tax bill.

Fair cash value is what the property can be sold for between two parties without any duress. The assessed value of the property is what the city or county deems a fair assessment of what the property is worth. This is figured out by comparing your property to similar properties in the same area that have sold recently.

Exemption means the removal of said property from the tax base, this is only a part of the assessed value of the property. This might hold true for a church that is only used for religious activities. It may also be due to a homestead exemption. If it is for a home that is considered a religious property for worship only, you can claim the tax exempt status if you only use it for church activities, no personal use.

When you look at the property tax bill, you will see the tax rate. This is the tax due on the property after being calculated with percentages of the tax base. The term taxing district represents the schools and local government that has the levy against your property taxes. The tax code is used for office purposes of the county clerk that represents a combination of taxing structures or bodies.

For those who have a lottery, you will see a section where it states that you are receiving a lottery credit, which will lower your total property tax due. Everyone in the county receives a lottery credit and that is why the credits are usually very small in amounts. The lottery credit will affect your total tax due and not the tax base.

Once you understand the property tax bill terminology, it does make it a little easier to understand the bill. If you do see problems or you have issues with the tax bill, you can request a property tax appeal with the help of a property tax lawyer or consultant. It is always wise to consult an attorney before taking such a step where property tax and the government are concerned.

If you see that your lottery credit is missing or different from others, you might need to question this or question your assessed value of the property. You might even have questions regarding the fair market value of your property. You can always question the bill before paying it, if you do not receive answers that you understand, visit a property tax consultant and see if they can help explain the answers you need to your questions.

What are the values of an online degree?

What are the values of an online degree?

In today world, the job market is become extremely competitive. Most of times, whenever there is a job vacancy available, there will be dozens of applicants trying very hard to compete to get that position. And because of this, the employers now have more choices in their candidate selection and they have to be extremely selective in choosing the best candidate for each position they offer. There are several important factors which the employers will scrutinize seriously during the process of evaluating their candidates. Among the top two factors are “Working Experience” and “Educational Background”. For those applicants who did not have the opportunity to attend a traditional college for the related fields to the job position they apply for, this is a very scary prospect. However, this is where the values of an online degree shine through.

Working Experience

One the important evaluating factors in job candidate selection is the “Working Experience”. In the eye of employers, relevant working experience in the related field is an indication of a candidates ability’s to success in that specific field. Thus, applicants who have relevant working experience on the related fields to the job position offered stay higher chances to be short listed. But, the working experience is not the single most important factor for employers when they are evaluating potential job candidates. The other factor that is just as important, if not more important, in the eyes of employers is the candidate’s educational background.

Educational Background

Regardless of the type of job applying for, the strong education background is always the key or determination factor for a job applicant to be offered for the position. In many cases, if job applicants do not have at least of college degree, many employers will not put them under further consideration for the jobs they offer. The job applicants who have stronger educational background always stay at a better position to secure the job when competing with other candidates. For many who did not have the opportunity to attend a traditional college, this is a very scary prospect. However, this is the values of online degree shines through. With the available of various online degree programs, those people who lost the opportunity to earn a degree now can accomplishing their goal and realize their dream at their own schedule.

Online Degree Programs Are Designed For Busy People

Before the introduction of online degree programs, a working individual who think of earning a degree needs to resign from his work or apply for unpaid study leave for 1 to 2 years in order to go back to the college or university. And this is the main factor that holding back the working individual to decision in earning a degree for their career enhancement.

Online degree programs are designed with busy individuals in mind. The online degree programs allow those working individual to obtain a degree in their precious spare time. This is one of the things that truly show the value of an online degree. And by obtaining an online degree, the individual is opened to many exciting opportunities, either for promotion within the company or a new, more lucrative career.

The online degree program is the best way for the working individual to accomplish their goal and their future career enhancement. Thanks to the design of online degrees, anyone can earn one on their own schedule and compete in the job market equally.



Summary: The U.S. Virgin Islands Real Estate offers affordable prices to those who want to own a property on these islands.

The US Virgin Islands surrounded by the clear-blue waters of the Caribbean consist of three scenic and interesting islands; St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas. Its lovely beaches, great locations, and picturesque rainforests are worth a vacation. Its special cuisine, wonderful people, and distinctive culture will surely captivate your heart. Each of the Virgin Island Real Estate offers properties at a very reasonable price to those who fell in love with what the island can offer.

St Croix and Real Estate Agency:

St. Croix is the largest island with extremely beautiful landscape ranging from abundant tropical rainforest to desolate tract vegetation. This island has an incredible European history. Magnificent architecture, ruins, and museums can be found throughout the Historic District.

Many of the residential properties on St. Croix are designed with apartments attached to the main house or detached cottages. Most residents finance their homes through conventional mortgages with local banks. Interest rates in the Virgin Island Real Estate are slightly higher than on the mainland. A typical down payment is 20-30%. The banks require insurance with mortgages of around 2-3% of the replacement value. This applies to St. John and St. Thomas Virgin Islands Real Estate as well. St. Croix, US Virgin Island real estate market offers a diverse inventory of listing at reasonable prices.

Buyer Agent St. Croix, Exclusive Buyer Agent, Buyers Agent VI, Carden Beach Waterfront Community, Coldwell Banker Land-de Wilde Realty, Farchette & Hanley Real Estate, Hamilton Real Estate, RE/MAX, R & R Realty, Richard and Ayer Real Estate, Sun Realty.

St. John and Real Estate Agency:

St. John, US Virgin Island real estate is unique; it offers the chance to own a dream home with impressive ocean view on an island that is two-thirds protected from development by the National Park Service. Prices right for a dream home nestled on a beautiful, protected Caribbean island are of course attached. The charm of St. John is in the lush green hills and beautiful powdery-white-sand beaches. The island offers a low pace of living and is home to a small community. The over all inventory of St. John real estate currently is 549 listings.

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The St. John, US Virgin Island real estate market has been very strong in recent years. The St. John real estate properties for sale includes, homes, lands, commercial, condos, fractional ownership

St. Thomas and Real Estate Agency:

St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Island real estate offers both busy shopping areas and quiet neighborhoods. The island is mountainous and many hillside homes are graced with incredible views of the ocean. The St. Thomas, US Virgin Island real estate market includes houses, land, condos, time share, and commercial properties. Currently there are 426 listings St. Thomas real estate.

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The US Virgin Islands Real Estate provides a lot of properties which suit your style and taste. There are plenty of listings of in every island that you can check out. Prices are reasonable.

7 Tips To Becoming A Money Magnet

7 Tips To Becoming A Money Magnet

Did you know that most people block prosperity because of hidden beliefs about money? This article gives you seven tips to create yourself to be a “money magnet”.

Tip 1: Identify your Money Type

According to Deborah Price, author of Money Magic, we all identify with certain money archetypes. For example, when money issues come up, do you bury your head in the sand, like an ostrich? Then most likely your type is called The Innocent. If you’re not The Innocent, you might be The Victim, The Tyrant, The Warrior, The Martyr, The Fool or The Magician.

Tip 2: What was your conditioning about money?

What old beliefs did you receive from your parents, teachers and the society around you about money? Many of my clients report that their old beliefs include:

–“Earning money means punching a time clock”
–“Money is scarce”
–“Money is evil”

Which of these have you struggled with?

Tip 3: What are your updated beliefs about money?

Since nature abhors a vacuum, then after you release your old Beliefs about money, put in some empowered beliefs that cause you to become a money magnet. These beliefs might sound something like this:

–“I am increasingly magnetic to money”
–“My income always exceeds my expenses”
–“I am highly worth of being prosperous”

Tip 4: Create a New Money Type for Yourself

According to “Money Magic”, the ideal type to strive for is the “magician”. Why? Because the “magician” claims his/her own power and manifests his/her own financial reality.

Tip 5: Use the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction simply states that you get what you focus on. So if you focus on the lack of money, the difficulty of paying bills and the fears about whether you can support yourself, then You will receive more of that in return. The solution? Easy, everytime you find yourself focusing on what you don’t want, stop yourself and say, “So, what do I want?”

Tip 6: Tame your Inner Gremlin

Do you have a voice that berates you? Do you find that it’s impossible to please that voice? Then undoubtedly, you are dealing with your Inner Gremlin, also known as the Inner Critic.

It’s busy telling you that you aren’t worthy of having money.

“Who are you to be prosperous?” it will say. It will probably badger you until you turn this voice into an ally who will say, “You deserve an abundance of prosperity.”

Tip 7: Plan your work and work your plan

When you have finally let go of your old beliefs about money, you will find it much easier to create an effective business plan. More importantly, you’ll be much more able to implement that plan and manifest prosperity when you are a money magnet.

How To Make Money In The Sex Movie Industry

An adult video store is a retail establishment that specializes in selling pornographic material. It is considered a taboo industry because it features sexual acts. หนังโป๊ requires age requirements and may pose a risk to customers. The law is geared to protect the public from exploitation.

It is important for an adult video store to have the correct lighting and equipment. The light should be placed at least three feet above the floor and the measurement should be oriented in all directions. In addition, all projection devices must be turned off. In some cases, the viewing room will be equipped with private viewing devices.

Before opening an adult video store, it is necessary to apply for a permit. This permit is issued within 90 days after the local municipality has adopted an ordinance for the operation of adult theaters and bookstores. In addition, the store must post the names of the operator and manager, and the address of the day or shift supervisor.

The business must also register with state and federal tax authorities, and must apply for a license from the state. A permit does not obligate an adult video store to sell only adult materials, and it does not make it a crime to sell non-adult merchandise. In fact, an adult bookstore or film arcade can offer subscriptions and live streaming. A subscription is a way for customers to pay for a set number of times to watch a certain movie. The payment is typically in the form of tokens, coins, or cash. Often, the store will charge a premium for the length of a particular video.

When starting an adult video site, it is important to find the best marketing strategy. It is vital to build a strong audience, and the fan base can be a valuable source of revenue. One way to do this is to intersperse content on the site. This can appeal to niche audiences, and can help to generate a loyal customer base.

An adult video producer needs to have a clear plan before he or she begins production. There are many ways to make money in the adult video industry, but the most common is to set up an independent website. Other sites may offer free clips as advertisements, and some sites even sell films to hosting sites.

A producer can earn extra cash by charging a small fee for each specific adult film. This type of pricing can vary depending on the amount of actors involved and the difficulty of the production. The cost of renting a studio can also be costly, and it can add time constraints to the production process.

An adult film producer should listen to requests from fans. Aside from providing a good experience for customers, this will also help to keep the site profitable. In some cases, a producer might need to hire amateur or amateur-level actors to perform a particular scene. In หนัง av , the film is filmed on location, and there is more room for error.